Integrated Regional Economic Development

Development decisions by individual communities sometimes have regional implications and should be guided by broad and long-range views about the way the region’s communities inter-relate. As the region grows, a collaborative approach to development can work to the benefit of all member municipalities ensuring the efficient use of land and the promotion of a high quality of life for residents.

Our Way 

Now released: Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region

Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region is a long-term regional action plan for coordinated planning, strategic infrastructure investment, service sharing and economic growth to achieve our vision of a competitive, connected and resilient Manitoba Capital Region now and for our future.

 See Integrated Regional Economic Development in Securing Our Future.

 Achieving Our Goals 

  • We position industrial, commercial, and agricultural lands in a regional economic framework that is efficient, effective, and resilient. 
  • We collaborate to promote investment, attract industry, and grow our economy.
  • We develop and attract people with a broad range of skills, talents, knowledge, and experience. 

Our Region


As part of the RGS, the PMCR undertook the creation of an inventory to identify regional tourism assets.

We then classified the assets related to market readiness and recognized themes/routes that emerged from the exploration as well as potential investment that must be made. Including tourism in the RGS elevates the importance of tourism as an economic driver and supports the understanding of tourism in the region. 

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Regional Economic Development

Competitive operating costs and a favourable tax environment make Winnipeg and the surrounding areas one of the least-expensive places to do business in Canada. Winnipeg boasts the lowest overall business costs in Western Canada, Midwestern and Pacific United States (KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2014).

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Good Works


“CentrePort Canada is North America’s largest inland port, offering 20,000 acres of high-quality, affordable industrial land and unique access to tri-modal transportation, including three Class I railways (Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, and BNSF Railway), a 24/7 global air cargo airport and an international trucking hub.” ~ CentrePort

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Columbus Ohio – Columbus 2020

“In 2008, hundreds of civic-minded leaders came together to share bold aspirations for the future of the Columbus Region. They collaborated to create an unprecedented economic roadmap for the decade ahead—the Columbus 2020 Regional Growth Strategy.”

Columbus 2020 was launched in 2010 to strengthen and diversify the economic base by:

  • Building existing assets
  • Attracting new investment
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Continually improving the Columbus Region as a business destination

To read more about insightful regional planning, please visit Columbus Region.



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