Regional Framework for Good Governance

Good governance and decision-making is supported by access to good data and an environment of trust and collaboration across all levels of government.

Current governance models and a lack of accessible good data inadvertently lead to barriers that obstruct a broad-based perspective of the region, reducing consistency, accountability, coordination, meaningful engagement, and the efficient use of resources.

The 2040 Vision - Good governance, coordination and collaboration will be achieved through access to integrated regional data, stakeholder engagement and education along with improved inter-municipal/regional tools and consideration of long-term regional benefits and impacts prior to actions. Members recognize that regional progress is supported by inter-municipal working relationships that incorporate the unique characteristics and needs of both urban and rural members.


Our Way

Now released: Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region

Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region is a long-term regional action plan for coordinated planning, strategic infrastructure investment, service sharing and economic growth to achieve our vision of a competitive, connected and resilient Manitoba Capital Region now and for our future.

See Regional Framework for Good Governance in Securing Our Future.

Achieving Our Goals 

  • We collaborate to realize a shared vision for the region with strong planning leadership.
  • We provide a collective regional voice.
  • We have shared resources and tools that build capacity and support the implementation of regional planning and stakeholder engagement. 
  • We have the discipline and capacity to identify regional shifts and effectively respond to change. 


Our Region

The Capital Region Review

In 1999, a panel initiated and supported by the Filmon government and led by Alan Scarth, developed a detailed and comprehensive report called the Capital Region Review.  

The report presented a strategy that could have positioned Manitoba’s Capital Region -- Winnipeg and its 17 neighbouring communities -- as leaders in regional development across Canada. The mandate of the report was:

“to undertake a review and make recommendations to the government, through the Ministers of Urban Affairs and Rural Development, respecting the effectiveness of the existing legislative, policy and procedural framework guiding land use planning and development, and the provision of services in the municipalities in the Capital Region.”

To read the full report, please click here.


Good Works

Manitoba Capital Region: Prairie Climate Atlas by the Prairies Climate Centre

“The Prairie Climate Atlas answers this important question by providing you with detailed, state-of-the-art yet easily understood information about our region’s changing climate.”

See how they are keeping the public of our province informed in detail here:



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